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How to care for your flowers

Most flower arrangements will last anywhere between 3-7 days depending on various factors such as temperature, water cleanliness, flower food, humidity & type of Flower.

If the flowers came in green floral foam, typically used in basket arrangements, be sure to water it every day. You can use your finger to check where the water level is in the arrangement and slowly add water until it is at a good level.

If the flowers came in a vase, change the water after 2-3 days and add flower food that may be provided by us. Be sure to follow the directions in the floral food packet. Don't add the flower food before adding the water since it releases carbon dioxide gas which will dissipate if water is added. The flower food helps stop bacterial growth by raising pH, supplies sugar, and carbon dioxide.  The flowers should also be cut before the water is changed.

Avoid placing flowers under a stream of air coming from a ceiling fan or an air conditioning vent. The stream of air will make the flowers much more likely to dehydrate and wilt.